Before you open your eyes, you take a breath. A crisp, fresh scent of spring air with the slightest touch of moisture fills your nostrils. The smell is so refreshing, you expect to open your eyes and see paradise. You are not disappointed.

Sunlight greets you first, and you hold a hand up to shield your eyes from the bright light. As your eyes adjust, a vibrant blend of greens and blues materializes before you. A luxurious green meadow stretches out farther than the eye can see, scattered with tall trees, lush berry bushes, and a rainbow array of flowers. A long, shimmering river meanders down the center, its edges lined with earthly stones. The sky is a deep blue that refuses to stay hidden behind the numerous cotton-white clouds that fill it. Your sense of smell was correct. This is beautiful, untouched paradise.

Some motion down by the river catches your attention and you lean forward. Below, several equestrian-like creatures gather along the water’s edge. Some lower their heads to sip on the cool, running stream. Others flick their tails and keep watch. Birds sing from the trees, crickets chirp from the grasses, and a frog ribbits from the river. You can’t help but smile as you take in another deep breath and exhale. Where to begin?